Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just a quiet Saturday night at home or so I thought!
The boys were watching cartoons in their room, Bethany was at work, Donnie was at a board meeting at the church, Brenton had just left to go to a ball game at Rock Creek and I was just fixing to make dinner. I was then going to work on my transcription stuff so I wouldn't have to mess with it today. I had the hardest time deciding what to cook and finally choose chicken and rice(the little boys favorite). I was browning the rice when the phone rang. I was by this time of the day so irritated by the phone, it had done nothing but rang all day, but I was thinking at least the house isn't full of 7 year olds anymore. When I answered it my heart sank. It was our oldest son Brenton and his voice was so shakey, I could tell he was trying not to cry. He said Bev I am okay but we have been in a wreck but I'm okay. He is so much like his daddy in this area, he was trying to protect me and play it off like he was fine. I asked him if he was sure he was okay he said he was alright but that his collar bone was hurting. He wanted to know if he needed to call an ambulance. I ask him how bad it was and he said it wasn't that bad. I told him I was on my way. I turned dinner off and hollered at chris and told him Brent had been in a wreck and ask him to watch the boys. I don't know what I was thinking or how it even worked but I was driving down the road talking to my mom on our house phone. I called his Donnie and told him what was going on and he said he would meet me there. It seemed like it took me forever to get to him. I couldn't drive fast enough and in the dark it was worse. When I finally got there, all I seen was all these flashing lights. Can you say adrenaline? I had to park a little ways back away from the site so I took off running toward the cars and the first thing I see is a little ford focus with the front all bashed in and the passenger side windsheild busted. I told the officer I was looking for my son, he told me he was up there in a police car but he was fine. He also told me not to run because they had to wet the road down and didn't want me to fall. I then seen this kid of mine emerge from all of these flashing lights but instead of this 5 foot 8 nearly grown stature I see this 3 year old. He at that point was like that baby boy not so rough and gruff. He was obviously injured. The fireman told me he thought that his collar bone was broken. We were walking away and I hear his name being called rather quietly. It was his little lady Kassie. What a way to meet the parents, huh? After speaking to Kassie and her mom for a minute, and just telling each other how grateful we were that our children were still alive(did I mention that this was a head-on collision) and how vehicle can be replaced, we went and got in the van. I told him how pretty I thought Kassie was and I meant every word I wasn't just trying to make him feel better. Brenton and I met up with Donnie a couple of miles down the road and brought his car home as it was on our way to the hospital. In the light you could look at his collar bone and see that is was broken, didn't need an x-ray for that. He was and is in so much pain. We took him on over to the hospital and they were really good about taking him in ahead of everyone else. But they made him wait until after they did a head CT to give him any pain meds. I told Donnie while Brenton was back there having the CT done I said how many teeth is that tech gonna have missing when he gets back. Brent's not a mean kid but he was hurting so bad and they were moving him around and wouldn't do anything to help his pain. Brent was good and the guy didn't loose any teeth. He does however have a broken collar bone, it is also displaced so we have to go see an orthopedic surgeon this week. They said his CT was fine but I still think he has a consusion. Kassie broke her wrist and had to get 5 stitches in her leg. Please remeber these kids in your prayers as they are healing and I will update you with anything new as we find out with Brenton. I thank God that he has his hands on my kids, I don't know why Satan is trying to take them from me but I refuse to let them go. We gave them to God a long time ago and believe that he will see them through. God Bless you all.
As many of you know I am the city clerk and court clerk here in the town we live. So with that come this stupid police radio that sits on my desk. I hate this thing and I never use it, I just have to leave it on. Well anyway Friday I had to go around 1 pm or so and get a shot for a migraine and then I went back to work. This stupid radio talks all the time its all of bryan county, grayson county, fire dept, ems, you know all that stuff. I usually just tune it out but I was feeling unusually ditsy (drugged) Friday and I sitting there at my desk and I hear a familiar name come across this thing and then he spells it. I look up at the cop sitting across the room from me and just as nonchalontly as can be say I bet my kid is in that car because that is her best friend. He said sweetie you do realize that was an accident don't you. OH MY GOODNESS NO I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT WAS ACCIDENT!!! ARE YOU CRAZY, DO YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD BE SITTING HERE LIKE THIS IF I DID. Then to top it off because I just wasn't my self I couldn't find my cellphone so I could call her. So when I finally got ahold of myself I found my phone. She answers her phone so calmly. I was like Bethany where are you, she said with Deanna and I cut her off I was like are you okay I know you were just in an accident. You know my kids have to hate the fact that I have all of that first hand information. Well needless to say she was floored, why should she be shocked! She should expect those things. Thank God everyone was okay. It didn't even hurt the truck they hit. My theory (now that I am the parent and not the kid) teenager and vehicle don't mix. Did I mention since August this is the 5th accident for our family. Mom, Jordan, Eli and myself were rear ended in Dallas, Mom got whiplash and the rest of us were fine. Brenton was in a motorcycle accident in September and ripped is arm open, he had to have stitches. Bethany total her car in October, she walked away fine praise the Lord. In December Donnie and I were coming home from church one Sunday night and a deer took out the whole front end of his little toyota tercel. Then Friday Bethany is riding home from school with some friends and bam Deanna pulls out and hits a pick up. What in the world is going on. I have no clue! But I do know that I serve a MIGHTY GOD WHO HAS IT ALL IN CONTROL.

Monday, February 04, 2008


So I knew Eli wasn't feeling well yesterday and I thought he may be running a low temp but he was still running around and playing like normal. We get up for school this morning and Eli gets up and comes over to give mommy a hug and I could tell he was warm. I got the thermometer out and sure enough he temp was almost 102. You must understand this child doesn't run a fever, we often say he must be half dead if he has a fever. It must happen today when there is no way I could take off of work. I work for the city and today was traffic court, thankfully his daddy is working nights right now so he could stay home but it was getting him to the pediatrician. Well daddy go up at lunch and took him over to the pediatrician, I honestly thought it was a sinus infection. My co-worker came over and whispered in my ear during court Eli has the flu and your sister said make sure to keep him away from the baby. Great a seven year old with the flu and trying to keep him away from a seven week old this is going to be real fun. When I came in tonight from work guess what Jordan doesn't fell good he sound just like Eli did yesterday. Sounds like the fun is just begining. Just please pray that the baby doesn't catch this and that the boys recover quickly!