Wednesday, July 25, 2007

If the title don't say it all. Last year at christmas I got my husband and myself both new motorola razors. I love my phone it's pink and it's the best phone I've ever owned, I live in a small town out away from everything and the reception on it is great, no other phone can live up to that. When I got up to go walking Friday morning I stuck it in my pocket like I always do but when I came home and changed for work I forgot to get it. At lunch I had the boys go pick up the laundry and bring it to me and I dumped the basket in to the machine. Yep you guessed it after I got off work I went in to take the clothes out and there on the bottom of the machine layed my beautiful pink phone dead to the world, the only upside was that my sims card still works so I didn't loose all my info. I went to the cingular store the next day to have it replace and they wanted $300.00 for one just like it. They are insane! My insurance won't cover it because it got wet. What good is insurance if it don't cover anything. I paid as much for that insurance as I did for my brand new pink motorola razor off of ebay. The insurance on the new phone is only $9.99 for 3 years and you can get reimbursed at anytime if the insurance doesn't cover something. Most of the time they say it's just cheaper to replace your phone than to fix it. So my new phone should be here in 2 days and I only paid $115.00 for it that was express shipping and all. Pretty good deal compared to Cingular's $300.00. Lesson learned I will never put a cell phone in my pocket ever again. Very expensive lesson.