Monday, January 14, 2008


I know it's been a long while but I thought I'd give an update on how things are going. My weight loss is going extremely well I weigh between 132-135 depending on the day never know what the scales are going to say or what causes the change. I cannot wait for some nicer weather outside so I can start going to the track again and I really think despite what my hubby said I am going to look into a weight set. I have all this nasty gross jiggling hanging skin and surely I can tighten some of that up with some toning exercises and muscle gain. I still cannot believe this is my body. I purchased the first pair of size 4 I have ever bought and or wore in my entire life the other day. That felt absolutely amazing. Donnie and I went to a New Years Party at his job and I bought them for that. They fit better than any pants I've ever put on before and I couldn't believe that they were a size 4. I have never wore that size not even growing up. Can you scream amazed. I sure can. Well anyways enough about that. Love to all.
House Guest!!

It's been way to long I know and I don't even know where to start. First off this is our last week as just our little family by the end of the week we will have grown by three, yep that's right three. Hey it could be worse they could triplets. I guess I should explain, We have invited my Cousin Lindsay(the one who had the precious little baby last month), her hubby Chris, and their baby Hayden to come live with us for a while. We have an enclosed garage that I used to use when I was doing daycare here but have since been using it for storage since I don't do daycare anymore and my husband children use half of it when they come for over to visit. So I just bunk thier beds in the boys rooms and put my stuff out in the storage shed, moved the 4-wheelers out of the shed to my dad garage behing our house and threw a bunch of stuff away. So now we are set for them to move in this coming weekend. Oh and adjust to life with a baby in the house again. I am kind of excited about that part. Since we can't have anymore babies of our own we can have loads of fun with this one. On a more serious note I figure since I get up about the time the baby gets up for his 2nd night time feeding I would take over that one if his mommy wanted me too so she could only have to do 1 at night and get more than 3 straight hours of sleep.
Donnie just went back on night shift so it will be nice to have someone here in the evenings to talk to besides the kids. My kids have gotten to the point where they just want to play until they are made to come in and bath and go to bed anyway, so when he works night I am alone. Pathetic huh!