Monday, November 10, 2008

So the end has come!
My daddy is a truck driver and has drove on and off for as long as I can remember. With diesel prices being what they have been my dad stopped driving several months back and opened a mechanic shop across the street from their house which happens to be in our back yard pretty much. Eli (my 8 year old) is especially bonded with his poppy and loves to be out getting dirty and helping him. We live in a really small town and one can only fix so many things before there is nothing left. Long story short dad decided to go back on the road and he left yesterday afternoon. My little man didn't take it so well. Eli stood outside last night and watched daddy leave until he couldn't see his truck anymore. It was so sad! He then started walking towards our house, he had his little head just hanging down and I could tell he was doing his best not to cry but as soon as he saw me that was it my little man lost it. It was so hard to see him like that. I did my best to console him but he wasn't going for it. I told him you know that poppy always come back and through his sniffles told me he knew but he just didn't want him to leave.
My mom called me last night and said that my dad had told her that Eli had said told him that while he was gone that him and Nana was going to piddle in the garage. Dad asked him why they were going to do that. Eli told him that they might just have to fix something. If you know Eli then you know why we find this so incredibly adorable.