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Happy 10th Bithday Jordan!

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Week 3 & 4 I have now lost a total of between 19-21 pounds. I've dropped a size in clothes. But I'm in better shape than I think I have ever been. All in a month, It's amazing that you can change your body that much in a month. I never would have believed someone if they would have told me. Guess you just have to see it with you own eyes. I can even run almost 2 laps around the track, that is so empowering, it's really strange the way it makes me feel. I couldn't walk very far around the track when I first started because I was so out of shape. I love running with the dog it makes me feel really good although he can go much longer than I can, I have to stop and walk. I'm starting to have to change things a bit because the loss is starting to slow down.(that may have something to do with Jordan's birthday-baby can't have a birthday without a cake) That was the only sugar thing I've had to eat in a month and I think my body hung on to it. Oh well I…