Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 10th Bithday Jordan!

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Week 3 & 4
I have now lost a total of between 19-21 pounds. I've dropped a size in clothes. But I'm in better shape than I think I have ever been. All in a month, It's amazing that you can change your body that much in a month. I never would have believed someone if they would have told me. Guess you just have to see it with you own eyes. I can even run almost 2 laps around the track, that is so empowering, it's really strange the way it makes me feel. I couldn't walk very far around the track when I first started because I was so out of shape. I love running with the dog it makes me feel really good although he can go much longer than I can, I have to stop and walk. I'm starting to have to change things a bit because the loss is starting to slow down.(that may have something to do with Jordan's birthday-baby can't have a birthday without a cake) That was the only sugar thing I've had to eat in a month and I think my body hung on to it. Oh well I'll get rid of it. Anyway it's going really well and it feel so good to be doing this for me, to be making myself healthier. Since I starting transcriptions for a Dr. and seeing the things that overweight older people go through, I know that I don't want to be one of those people, I know that I am the only one that can change that, and have family(thanks mom & angie) and friends(thanks Kandy & Debbie) for motivation really helps. My mom and sister have been walking with me. They have both lost weight also. Mom didn't have much to loose, but her clothes are falling off of her. Angie has lost a lot of weight since we started this, I'm not sure how much but she has dropped 2 pant sizes. It's amazing! I love it. My little one, Eli, goes around the grocery store reading the calories on stuff, going mom does this have to much in it. It is so cute! My hubby has even become more aware and he was dead against changing his eating habits at first. That man loves to eat, guess he loves me more, cause he's not minding it so much anymore. Love to all.