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If it werent' for bad luck!

So Jordan got to come out of his thumb splint on or around this past friday.(if you remember he had broken it playing tether ball) On Sunday he and Elijah went to a back to school party with some friends from down the street. I had to get some work done so their mom took everyone. Donnie called me about 4 and said Jordan had called and said he had thought his nose was broken. Well my immediate reaction was do I need to go get him. He said no Jordan said he was fine and he wanted to stay. So I thought OK if his nose was broke there was no way he was fine and was wanting to stay down there. I go back to my work and finish you know like 2 hours later. The boys come home, Jordan never even mention his nose, we had some other stuff come up, Donnie gets home from church, mom and Angie come over, then he decides it's time for his nose to be looked at. One look at it and anyone could tell it was obviously broken. I mean it had a huge knot on it and it was sw…