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Memories! Isn't she cute! This little stuff dog means more to me than I can honestly explain. Today she is sitting on my desk here at work, last night I had her on my night stand. My real dog "Shadow" doesn't really know what to think of her, he just sits and stares. I want to give everyone the story behind her. First of all if you try to look her up on the internet her name is Pico we call her Periwinkle, yes she has a name. When my grandma was sick and in the hospital she was always asking about her dog "a little chichuahua named Periwinkle" and her chickens, so my sister found this little critter down in the gift shop and took her to grandma. Grandma sat there with the puppy on her tummy. It was really funny to she her with her there. Grandma wasn't big lady but she had this big tummy and she kept this little guy sitting on ther tummy, I guess so she could see him. After grandma went to be with Jesus they decided to bury Periwinkle (the stuffed Periw…

After a long 3 weeks and 5 days of fighting for her life grandma was just so tired so she went to be with Jesus this morning at 3:25 a.m. As hard as this is and is going to be my grandma is not in any pain or distress anymore. In the past almost 4 weeks she has been through so much. She has had several surgeries, possible heart attacks, stroke and her heart even stopped at one point. I ask my cousin/brother Mike this morning if this was all going to end this way why did we, why did she have to go through all of this. His response and a very wise one I must admit was we all got to come down and see her again and some needed this time to prepare. So please remember my Mom, her siblings, the grandkids and great-grandkids. My boys have never lost anyone close to them and my husbands grandma died 2 weeks ago today and now we have lost grandma. I just keep reminding them that we will one day see her again, that this is not the end. I just pray that they come through this okay as our…