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O' What a blessing! God sure knew what he was doing when he put little Hayden into our lives. I never thought I could love another child even close to the way I love my boys but Hayden sure has gotten a pretty big part of my heart. I called his mommy today and asked her if I could come get him for a few hours tonight after I got off work. She of course didn't mind, so I took him to Sears and had his pictures done. Tomorrow is our family Christmas with my mom's family and I wanted to suprise his mommy with them for for Christmas. I am so excited I cannot wait. It was really funny trying to get this one with his diaper off. He was dry when I took it off of him and I told them I had had him for 2 hours and he was still dry. So they had fair warning. I no longer got him on his tummy till my sister started yelling for a diaper. He pooped right in her hand. It was hilarious. Then before the shot was over he peed all over the black curtain. Poor lady from Sears! I don…