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Eli's 6th Birthday Party May 6, 2006 My sweet baby, how fast you've grown.
This is the newest member of our family, my aunt Debra's baby Austin
Alex takes a swing
Kaileigh's Turn
Jordan gets a swing
Jessica's turn at the pinata
Putting his new bat to work
This looks like fun
He's ready for T-Ball now
My Birthday Boy
Make a wish
My cousin Jessica
MMM Thats good!
Birthday Party Fun
Eli & Danielle
Class of 1996 We had our 10 year class reunion on May 13, 2006. It was nice to see everyone after all that time. There were only 8 of us to show up, but it was neat to see how everyone had changed in the last ten years. Most of us married and all of us parents(Kristie is due in July). Wow how time flies. Front Row: Kristie, Beverly, & Kristal Second Row: Tosha, Patty, & Jason Back Row: Kevin & Daniel
Patty's daughter McKayla and My son Eli
My son Jordan and Patty's daughter McKayla
Eli's Kindergarten Graduation Look out world here I come!
Eli & Danielle
Ok, I know he's a boy but isn't he pretty.
Look at him now
Donnie's Mom Darlene, Bethany, & Eli
Nana took this the morning before graduation out in her yard.
Eli & his best friend Danielle

This has got to be my favorite picture of him at graduation.
Isn't he handsome?
Jordan & Eli
Mommy & Elijah
The hat toss(how cute!)
Eli is officially a First Grader!
Emily, Eli, & Jasmine singing 5 little ducks Eli & Emily rapping, this was hilarious!
Eli said the Pledge of allegiance in front of everyone, I was so proud of him.
Eli and his buddy Adam
He's so sweet!
Jordan, Eli, & Bethany
Eli at Nana's before Graduation
Brenton's 8th Grade Graduation Brenton & Brooke
Brenton & BethanyHe thinks he so cool!
Officially a Freshman
He's such a goof off!Here he comes(look out!)
Jordan & Brenton
Our little(big) Family