Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Grandma
At 1:00 am Saturday morning my phone rang but I was so asleep I didn't get to it in time. A few minutes later someone was knocking on my bedroom door(I have an outside door in my bedroom). It really kind of freaked me out but once I kind of came to my senses I realized something was wrong. It was my little sister and she had the baby in her arms. She told me to take him that grandma was at the hospital and that it was bad. She said that mom was there with her but she needed to get up there. I took little man but he refused to go back to sleep so about 2:30ish am we headed to the hospital. When I got there they had grandma on life support. They had said she had a heart attack but there were no ICU beds either there at that hospital or at the neighboring hospital. After about 6 hours or so they made room fo her in the ICU there but we wanted her moved to the other hospital because that is where her doctors are. So around noon or so they moved her to the ICU unit at TMC in Denison. We were then told that grandma was in respiratory and heart failure, she had an infection in her blood, lungs, urine and so on. They also told us that she also had swelling of her brain. On Sunday there was really not much change just that her heart rate was crazy going from 80's to 190's.
I went to work on Monday morning, when I tried to call my mom all I heard was her crying and she finally got on the phone and told me she would call me back. When she called me back she told me that grandma was awake but she didn't know who she was. Obviously my momma was devistated. I left work and went to be with my mom. When I got to the hospital grandma was awake but still on the vent. She was at that point following instruction and acting like she new who we were. Later in the day the took the vent out and she was able to talk to us. She told us she didn't remember anything that had happened(thank you God!). Momma asked her if she knew who she was and grandma said well yea your Becky. She then told momma she loved her and she looked over at me and told me she loved me. I left the room then so my uncle could go in and see her. It wasn't long before my uncle came out of the room and told us that they were putting her back on the vent. Grandma just wasn't able to breathe on her own.
Today the doctors told mom that grandma trachae is swollen and that her vocal cords are paralized. They are going to leave her on the vent until at least Thursday morning. They did start her on liquid feeding today and her vital sign have all been stable.
While mom and I were in the room with my grandma today(remember she is sedated and not suppose to be able to respond to us) mom leaned down to talk into grandma's ear. Grandma's face was turned away from us and mom leaned over and started to say Momma if you can hear me, suddenly grandma turned her head as though she was looking right at mom except her eyes were closed and then she moved her mouth. I think this was grandma's way of letting my mom know she was hearing everything she told her. It was really nice to see her respond like that.
They are now thinking that is wasn't a heart attack but that it was all brought on by her blood pressure. Her blood pressure when they got her to the hospital Friday night was 286/168. With her bp getting so high they said it threw her into congestive heart failure and caused her lungs to fill with fluid which caused her to not be able to breath and things just kind of snow balled after that.
We don't know what the future holds for my grandma but I ask that everyone pray for her. Please pray for my momma too! This is the hardest thing I have ever done. I love my grandma but to watch what my mom is going through hurts so much.
Mom said she asked God yesterday morning on the way to the hospital for him to just give her one more chance to make sure she was ready to meet him if she died and my mom had that yesterday. While grandma was awake mom talked to her about what was going on and she told grandma that she had nearly died on Friday night and that she was still very sick. She told grandma she needed to know if she were to die if she would go to heaven and my grandma started crying and shook her head yes. It will hurt all of us deeply if grandma dies but at least she will meet Jesus.
I really don't honestly know what will happen to my mom if my grandma dies. She sat with me tonight and she said she feels like a little girl and she is not ready to loose her momma.
Please just remember our family in your prayers!