Tuesday, June 10, 2008

As many of you will recall our daughter Bethany joined the National Guards back in March. She left for basic training in early May, but before that we had a huge falling out and to much avail we never could get her to come home or even talk to us on the phone. It has broke my heart that this has happened and I have sent her e-mails letting her know that we just want to put this behind us and have our relationship with her healed. We have not heard from her since the early part of April. I have kept up with her through her brother but as can imagine that is just not what a parent wants.
I was going about my daily routine this morning and stopped at the post office and there it was, it was like receiving a million bucks. A letter from our very own "Private Rucker", the people in the post office probably thought I was nuts because I just starting sobbing. Bethany is doing well, she says she is not having a hard time with anything but the push ups. She said that she really feels like she is where she is suppose to be, she sent her love to all but that's not all she apologized. I just want to grab her and love her. I miss her terribly. Bethany and I never agreed on her going into the National Guards. Although my children may grow up and choose a field that scares me to death they will always be my children and my love for them will never change. I thank God for that letter, for my daughter and for the courage it took for her to have put herself in this place.
I say that I never agreed with Bethany joining the national guards to say this. While vacationing with the boys in Tennessee we went through this museum type thing that had a bunch of Civil War reenactments and such. That I would say was an life altering event for me. I wanted to jump on a plane and go to South Carolina that very moment and talk to my daughter. I could for just a minute see why it is that people join the military. I still don't like the fact that it is my kid that has done it but I do now at least understand. Tonight I will be writing Bethany a letter please pray that God will guide my words as to heal our relationship. I love her and I just want things back like they should be. My love to all!