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So many ask but do they really want to know!
I started this lifestyle change as I like to call it the first of June and when I started I weighed (I can't believe I'm doing this) 191 and today I weigh 146. So needless to say I have lost a lot of weight really fast. So for some reason people think I have found this instant cure. They come up to me and say so Beverly what are you doing and when I start telling them that I have changed my diet such as they way I cook(no oil, no butters, no fatty meats, starchy food, things such as that) and I exercise every day, it's like I loose them. They go somewhere else, like they expected something else. I honestly have done this by a total lifestyle change. I have changed everything. I don't use sugar for anything anymore, I have changed to skim milk( I buy 2% for the kids), I fix a lot of the same meals we use to have I have just changed the way I prepare them. I just don't use butter or margarine I use I can't believe it…