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Memorial Day 2006 With today being Memorial Day I just wanted to take a minute to remember my grandpa Carter. Last night when mom and myself were looking through things for some pictures it turned into more of a night of memories, which was sad but nice. It's hard to believe he's been gone so long, but it's amazing the impact his life still has on my life. Grandpa was an amazing being. The one thing I remember about him the most was his love for God. He was such a strong christian, and he always believed wholeheartedly that God could and would do anything. I remember after Grandpa died my thoughts were if only I could be the kind of Christian he was, maybe one day, I don't think you get there overnight. Below are some pictures I found of him and thought I would share. In Memory of Ace Tildon Carter June 5, 1917-December 2, 1994
This picture was taken probably in 77 or 78In front is Michael, Back is Samantha, Jana, Grandpa, Beverly & Misty.
This was probably taken in 198…