Monday, March 23, 2009

Pray for McMuffin!

I don't know if you have noticed the sidebar on my page labeled McMiracle.
This is a SAHM with 4 babies 4 and under. When she was pregnant with her youngest she and her husband were essentially told that their unborn child would never live and that they should prepare for the worst. McMama and McCharming put their faith in God and McNugget (Stellan) was born full term and healed, he was perfectly healthy. He is now 4 months old and became ill over the weekend and is fighting for his life tonight.

Please pray for this little man and and this amazing family. Here is a link to McMama's blog . There are people all over the world praying for McNugget but a few other people never hurt.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Awesome Deal!

In conjunction with Glamour's 70th Anniversary Wet n Wild is offering their nail polish for $0.70 at Walgreen's through April 10th. It is listed at it's regular price but did ring up for $0.70! Perfect timing for spring and summer colors!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

How I love my litte "Eli"jah

Just a quick note to let you all now that I am still here. I have just had "A LOT' going on but hopefully thing will soon slow down and I will have the time to tell you all about it. I don't have the time to go into all of it right know but would like to share with you a bit about my day today.

We have been having a really hard time with our youngest son, Elijah. He is really, really hyper and on the go all of the time. He stays in to everything and listens to know one. I know what you thinking. This kid must be a nighmare. No he isn't. This little boy has a heart of gold. He would do almost anything for anyone. He loves to help people and you honestly just have to keep him busy.

With that being said, after I moved him from one school to another back in October his behaviour was no longer found to be cute You see he had always gotten away with it at his other school because he was the smartest kid in the class, so he would get his work done and then get to do whatever he wanted. They didn't make him behave and sit in his seat like the rest of the kids had to. So now at his new school he has had to learn an entire new set of rules and along with all of this we have seen that Our little Eli has some Attention deffeceincies. Ugg I swore that we would never do this with our boys but after sitting and watching this little boys suffer, worry and become depressed over the past few months I bit the bullet and called the doctor. Well wouldn't you know it the testing is (drum roll please) $1,350.00. Yep you read that right. And our insurance company is so sweet that they don't pay one single penny on it. Oh and get this we are so fortunate that we make like I don't know a couple hundred dollars a month to much to get any assistance with it. May we should have had a bunch of babies then they would have helped this one. Nope couldn't have done that cause my husband would be widowed taking care of all of them himself.

Anyway to get back on track. I decided to have my sister just speak with our pediatrician and see if we could just bring him in there and see what he would think about just doing a trial run of something and amazingly enough after hearing our story about the drastic changes in Eli he agreed. So when I woke up this morning Eli was the only on up(did I mention he don't sleep anymore either) so I told him to get some clothes on we were going to go spend some time together today. So Eli and I took off. We landed at IHOP and we dicussed what had been going on at school and his behavior lately and then I very gently talked to him about this medication that Dr. Kalil wanted him to start. He immediately started calling it an antibiotic. So he is now as far as every nows taking a antibiotic everyday. The only affect he had from his was being thristy and loss of appetite. If you have seen Eli lately he will not be harmed at all by missing a couple of meals.

I can say that my little boy did wonderfully today. He was so well behaved. No outburst, no tantrums, no slamming doors. I was impressed because I took him shopping and he never once had a meltdown. I seen my son today the one that I had before this whatever this is took over.

I have also been study some of the causes of ADHD and we will be changing our diet to as organic as we can over the next few weeks. I have found several organic meat farms withing driving distance of our home and the boys and I will be planting a garden this summer. I honestly think this will help my entire family. I will be back in later for more because there is so much more but this is all I have time for, for now. Love to you all.

Thank for checking in on me Kandy. Love Ya!