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I did it and I love it! I have been struggling with my hair for a very long time. After I had my hysterectomy in November it started falling out by the handfull. I honestly thought I was going to go bald, seriously. It has just looked bad since, it just hangs there or I put it up in a clip and it is so thin now. Thin hair is not something I am use to at all. I have always had very thick hair. My hair has always been my pride especially the bigger my body got. I had this mind set that at least my hair was pretty. Well my hair was no longer pretty so I cut it all off. I also had it colored for the first time in my entire life and I love it. My sister in law own a hair salon and offered to do it for me. I got a great deal too. She cut it and put 2 colors on it and only charged me $35.00, talk about blown away I was expecting at least $80.00 or more. I mean it did take 2 hours. I'll have to send her a gift certificate or something cause she wouldn't take anymore money. Thank you An…