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Stupid People!!! OK I know I teach my children not to use these words but today it just fit. So today Jordan had an appointment in Dallas for some test. We drive the 1 1/2 there and I guess he was overwhelmed with the mass of the MRI machine and it scared him to death. After an hour of mom and I pleading, threating, bribing (you name it we did it) him to lay down let them do the test I got so frustrated with him an walked into a different room. I was actually getting ready to leave and I needed a minute to breath. I was sitting on a couch out in the lobby and I hear him stop crying and talking to the radiologist about this test, the next thing I know Jordan is in the MRI machine calm and having the test done. Now please remind me why we went through what we did for the last hour. Kids are complicated little people.

When we were finished we took the boys to Toys R Us because I had $50.00 on a gift certificate from christmas of last year and I figured while were in Dallas we may as well s…