Friday, August 17, 2007

Stupid People!!!
OK I know I teach my children not to use these words but today it just fit. So today Jordan had an appointment in Dallas for some test. We drive the 1 1/2 there and I guess he was overwhelmed with the mass of the MRI machine and it scared him to death. After an hour of mom and I pleading, threating, bribing (you name it we did it) him to lay down let them do the test I got so frustrated with him an walked into a different room. I was actually getting ready to leave and I needed a minute to breath. I was sitting on a couch out in the lobby and I hear him stop crying and talking to the radiologist about this test, the next thing I know Jordan is in the MRI machine calm and having the test done. Now please remind me why we went through what we did for the last hour. Kids are complicated little people.

When we were finished we took the boys to Toys R Us because I had $50.00 on a gift certificate from christmas of last year and I figured while were in Dallas we may as well stop and spend it because we don't have a Toys R Us here. The boys finally decided on a remote control air plane for Jordan and a remote control Lightning McQueen, that spent the gift certificate I just had to buy batteries.

So here is where the stupid person comes in. We get on the highway headed home and the traffice was crazy. Here it is around 4:15 and we are headed home at like 25-35 miles an hour with cars everywhere. We drive for about 20-2 5 minutes let everyone know we were on our way home when all of a sudden we feel this huge jolt from behind. A very stupid person reended us. I don't think this guy was paying attention at all. We were at a stand still when he hit us and he hit us hard. I don't think he ever braked. Mom was driving and kinda freaked out, did I mention we had borrowed my sister's car to go down there in. We are on a either four or five lane highway all the way in the far left lane. I go to get out of the car to see what kind of damage this person has done cause you can see the whole front of his car is bashed in. So I get out and thank God it doesn't look real bad but there are deep cuts on the bumper and it was pulled loose in one spot, you can also tell that his car went up and under ours. We were in a escape he was in a corolla so we sat up alot taller than him. I just hope it didn't hurt anything under our car. It took the cops 40-45 minutes to get there and they just wanted us to exchange insurance information and go on our way. Mom started exchanging information with this guy but here I am thinking UMM I DON'T THINK SO!! You see I work for the local police department and have seen and heard enough to know that the insurance company is going to want an accident report for claims. This officer even tried to talk mom out of telling her they had to send those into the state and it would reflect on her insurance. So what dude do it anyway that is your job. So when he finally starts taking information and all the info that guy had given mom was either different than what he was given the police or incomplete. When the cops check their insurance card the car he was driving wasn't even on the policy, who would have guessed, probably everyone standing there. But I don't get it the cop didn't give this guy a ticket for hitting us or for not having insurance. The guy that his us had the nerve to tell the cop well she stopped right in front of me. He acted like it was mom's fault he slammed into us. The traffic stopped and apparently he didn't get the message that you stop when the car in front of you stops. The entire time we were out there this guy was messing with his cell phone, I mean even when the cop went to get his license and insurance info he was messing with his phone. I'm sure he was pulling this going down the highway and not paying attention and slam, he hit us. I just thank God everyone was alright. Jordan got a little bump on his head from it hitting the window but other than being shaken up we are all physically fine. I also thank God that we took my sister's care today, had we been in my mom's car with as hard as he hit us he probably would have ended up in the backseat right where my boys were sitting. It's so amazing how he takes care of us even when we don't realize it. I mean why did we take this care and not the other one. I say God guided us and that is why. He's amazing.