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40 Days! It is amazing what you can learn in 40 days! I began a journey of extremely clean eating, (non processed, gluten, dairy, sugar, junk free). Do I feel restricted?  NOT AT ALL!! How do I feel? Absolutely amazing.  I wish I had, had the sense or where with all to do this when I was 20 instead of now and honestly I may have never have needed weight loss surgery or have developed diabetes, high blood pressure, RA, Fibromyalgia or any of these other lovely things that I did but that has not been the case. That was not my story, this is and I thank God for it because it could have been so much worse.  God opened an wonderful door for me and in doing so has allowed me to gain control of these diseased through research.  Food is so healing, I believe that with everything in me, it can ether be your biggest enemy you it can be your eh… medication for lack of better terms.  I know that at the point I was at in my life I never could have achieved this without my “tool” but I also know tha…