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"Beauty from Ashes" (no pun intended)

March 2017
Little did I realize it but 2017 was "the" year for me I was in the best physical shape of my life and probably the healthiest I had ever been.  I worked hard and we were playing even harder.  I was getting up ever morning an at the ummm, well it was a parking lot, but anyway I was working out with a great group of ladies and an amazing instructor 4 days a week by 5 am.  It was hard but I loved it.  Donnie and I and even sometimes the kids were hiking in the evening and especially on the weekends.  We did a big camping trip that Summer with the boys in places we had never been and hiked our way across Oklahoma, kinda.  It was amazing!
40th Birthday in September 2017
  That following winter I began to have some weird aches and pains but pushed through.  I had began to gain weight despite everything I had been doing.  This was hard. Which made moving hard and eventually I got to I couldn’t get up and work out every morn…