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Weigh In!

So I weighed today for the first time since I left the hospital almost 3 weeks ago and to be honest I was terrified to get on the scales. I left the hospital weighing 147 lbs which was up 10 pounds. I knew alot of that was fluid but I also have not been able to exercise or anything. I have also not been in a pair of jeans that were not made out of that streghty material and at least a size or two bigger than what I have been wearing because anything that actually fits hurts my tummy. I honestly have been wearing work out pant the majorety of the time. Then the kids were home for over a week and then we had Thanksgivin and my momma is the best cook in the world. I really did try not to overeat. When I got on the scales tonight I weighed 138. So I was pleased, now if I could just get over this stupid soreness so I could get back to exercising. My Dr. released me to go back to work yesterday and I feel like it set me back more than a week as far as the pain, or there is somethin…