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The deal I got at Kroger tonight

I got all of this for under $125.00!  Had we paid full price for this stuff is would have been $285.00. Plus I left with a catalina for $3.00 and another one for $1.50.
Here is a list of everything in the picture because I'm sure there is some stuff that you cannot see.

1-Bag of Diapers
7-Boxes of Surf Detergent
4-Bottles of All Detergent
4-Bottles of Snuggle Fabric Softner
20-Bottles of Gatorade
6-Packages of Keebler Cookies
12-3 Packs of Dial Soap
6-Cans of Carnation Milk
4-Cartons of Ice Cream
4-Bags of Oreida Fries
4-Boxes of Granola bars
2-Bottles of Sunny D
1-Block Velveta
2-Packages of Cheese
4-Break and Bake Cookies
6-Cans of Biscuits
1-Can of Fruit
7- 4 packs of Fruit & Jello
1-Tub of Smart Balance Butter
2 Steaks
1 Beef Jerky Thing
1 Pack of Chicken
1 Cars Book
1 Pack of Hot Dog Buns
1 Pack of Hamburger Buns
and I am sure that I am missing something!!!!