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Have you ever been in a place in you life where something tells you that you have messed things up so horribly bad that not even God cares to fix it?  That my dear friends is where my life has been lately.  But I do want to say that God is so faithful and full of grace.  Satan is a liar, he is the one that put those feeling there.  I life has been on a slippary slope lately and try as I might I couldn't save it but I came heart to heart with the one who could last night.  I so don't understand us humans.  Why do we try to fix things that we know are bigger than we are?  Human nature I guess.  I want to thank all my prayer warrior friends out there, I appreciate your prayers more than you will ever know.  Please continue to be in prayer for us as we are now on an uphill climb but this road is a very bumpy one.  I leave you with this, hold on to Jesus because in this life he is all that we have. 
Love to you all, Beverly