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Did you know that healing is very painful? I always knew that physical healing was painful, yes it always hurts for a while before a wound heals.  What I never knew it was that spiritual and emotional healing is also very painful.  I have come to find that this is very painful in so many ways.  I have learned that severing relationships that hinder my life is painful but necessary.  I have learned that God is still there when I try but still end up landing on my face.  I have learned that God uses his people in ways that even blow my mind.  I mean there are people that I don't see on a daily basis and have no idea what's going on him my life who all of a sudden know the exact words that need to be spoken at the right time.
Did you know that Satan is watching you? He does, he sits and watches our lives and then BOOM just like that he sees a vulnerable spot and he jumps on it. Sometimes we don't even realized that this has happened.  I speak about this from personal e…