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Yep that's the way I am feeling today. Do you ever wonder why you help people? Why, why do I go out of my way to do things for other people? You really don't have to answer that, I know the answer. But I am just blown away this morning. I don't want to be praised at all for what I do don't get me wrong. I do everything that I do because I love these people and I carry them in my heart, they have essentially become a piece of me. I began this post about 5 hours ago but did not have the time to finish it. I am glad that I didn't at that point I had swore I was done, I stated that I would never go out of my way again to do this or anything like this. (Sorry I can't actually give the details but I don't want to hurt anyone and certainly don't want to ruin any relationships. This is essentially my diary at times a place to get it all out. Who else is going to listen. If you want details email me and depending on who you are(sorry) I may give th…