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I found something I didn't know I had lost! (Warning, very long post)
I sit here with tears flowing as I share with you my heart. 

Honestly I don't know where to begin or that I'm even comfortable with this.  So I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and have decided to be open about some things with all of you.  You are my friends and have never showed me anything but love so I really think by the end of this post you will rejoice with me.
You see over the last 9 months or so life has been anything but stable.  I lost myself somewhere along the way.  Sometimes life throws changes at you that your just not prepared for and you must decide how to cope with them.  I retreated somewhere deep inside of myself, um not a good place to be.  I became very depressed and then life threw more at me. I became very anxious and then life threw even more at me and somewhere along the way I became someone I didn't know. 
I was lost and I honestly never realized it.  I just kept going t…