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Month 7
I’ve decided for now that this maybe the best place for my monthly updates. Honestly, these are mostly for me and for me to be able to look back in anyway. I think this month has been the most significant for me yet in so many ways. With everything going on in the crazy world I worked from home for 8 weeks which is a VERY long time. My fibromyalgia pain kick into full gear and meds are just not an option for me. The side effects are not worth it. I sat down on a Thursday or Friday night and began digging for something/ anything that could help. I came across a video blog that spoke about fibro pain being linked to gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Lightbulb 💡💡 moment! For the past 6 months we have been throwing around the thought that I could be gluten and dairy intolerant because of all the stomach issues. Honestly I’ve thought this for years just not enough to do anything about it. I watched all of her videos and proceeded to buy and read 2 books that we…