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I AM SO EXCITED! As you all know we are actively involved in my cousins life and she has a 16 month old little boy that we just adore and love! He is our angel. Well, our little angel is going to be a big brother in a short 10 weeks. I just was to jump up and down. I must say I knew, I have known all along. I don't know why and I don't know how but I just did! IT'S A GIRL!!!! I have a house full of boys and then Hayden came along another little boy. Yes we love the just the same but now we get to have fun and play dress up. I have already bought her a multitude of dresses and a few oneses. I bought her a black onese that say "I can't wear pink everyday" in pink writing. I just love it. I just couldn't help myself, Easter dresses were half price and who could pick just one so she got one of each! Is this bad, no not yet her closet isn't full in fact because of all the boys everyone just assumed she would be too, therefore her closet is empt…

Yep that's the way I am feeling today. Do you ever wonder why you help people? Why, why do I go out of my way to do things for other people? You really don't have to answer that, I know the answer. But I am just blown away this morning. I don't want to be praised at all for what I do don't get me wrong. I do everything that I do because I love these people and I carry them in my heart, they have essentially become a piece of me. I began this post about 5 hours ago but did not have the time to finish it. I am glad that I didn't at that point I had swore I was done, I stated that I would never go out of my way again to do this or anything like this. (Sorry I can't actually give the details but I don't want to hurt anyone and certainly don't want to ruin any relationships. This is essentially my diary at times a place to get it all out. Who else is going to listen. If you want details email me and depending on who you are(sorry) I may give th…
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