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How I love my litte "Eli"jah

Just a quick note to let you all now that I am still here. I have just had "A LOT' going on but hopefully thing will soon slow down and I will have the time to tell you all about it. I don't have the time to go into all of it right know but would like to share with you a bit about my day today.

We have been having a really hard time with our youngest son, Elijah. He is really, really hyper and on the go all of the time. He stays in to everything and listens to know one. I know what you thinking. This kid must be a nighmare. No he isn't. This little boy has a heart of gold. He would do almost anything for anyone. He loves to help people and you honestly just have to keep him busy.

With that being said, after I moved him from one school to another back in October his behaviour was no longer found to be cute You see he had always gotten away with it at his other school because he was the smartest kid in the class, so he would get his …