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We have had a sick kid everyday for a week and I want this to go away. I got out of the hospital last friday and that evening had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up some medication. Eli went with us(he had an extremely had time with me being gone but that's another blog) he was standing down the aisle from where Donnie and I were and I looked down at him and I told Donnie he's got fever go feel of him. I was moving really slow it was easier for him to do it. He said he does feel kinda hot, so I grabbed some motrin and a themometer and we headed home. His temp was almost 103 and we are talking about a kid that don't run fever, he has to be nearly dead to have a fever. So this went on all weekend, I took him into the peditrician on Monday and they said it was croup and did a quick strep swap on him. The strep came back negative but with everything he had going on they put him on antibiotics to get him cleared up. They always sent there quick streps out to…