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Week 2
(this should have been posted Monday, but it's just been one of those weeks)

As all of you know I have been dieting and exercising like a mad crazy woman. OK maybe not that bad. I actually just decided that I had to make some major lifestyle changes, to improve my health, my body, and along the way my spirit just jump on for the ride. Anyway today was weigh in day and I have lost 11 pound this week, that was not a typo I did say 11 pounds. I could not believe my eyes when I stepped onto the scales. I actually would get on and off and the on and off just to make sure they were working right. That make 13 pound total so far. I can't believe it, it feels great. I love the way I feel after I've exercised, it's like it empowers you or something. Over the weekend I decided it was time to clean out my storage room and I had found some clothes in there that I had actually put up to take to some of my cousins because I had outgrown them. After 13 pounds of fat gone I can a…
So today is truce day. Or more commonly known as weight in day, I started this diet a week ago today as the scales say I've lost a whopping 2 pounds. Woo Hoo for me. I guess that better than gaining 2 pounds. I don't know I guess when you work as hard as I have this week you just expect it to fall off. But it will continue to come off, slower weight loss is better anyway, so I've been told. I did an 12 min ab lounger work-out yesterday and let me tell it works those muscles. I am sore today, but if it works it will be well worth it. Well I'm off to bed! Night all.
I'm a little behind on this post but anyway. Eli's birthday was May 11th my baby turned 7. We celebrated with a car's party at the rocket park in Durant. We had a nice time even though it tried to rain us out(it does that every year on his birthday). Happy Birthday Baby. Mommy loves you!
Eli's birthday cake
Car's hut

Cars Pj's
A cars beech towel!
Car's bedding, thanks Nana & Poppy!
Oh Boy, I got a game cube!
Sweet Boy!
My Little Baby
Happy Boy!
Birthday Boy
This is their favorite part.
Loads of candy.
It's raining candy!
Nana helping Jordan.
After a long hard day!