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So I knew Eli wasn't feeling well yesterday and I thought he may be running a low temp but he was still running around and playing like normal. We get up for school this morning and Eli gets up and comes over to give mommy a hug and I could tell he was warm. I got the thermometer out and sure enough he temp was almost 102. You must understand this child doesn't run a fever, we often say he must be half dead if he has a fever. It must happen today when there is no way I could take off of work. I work for the city and today was traffic court, thankfully his daddy is working nights right now so he could stay home but it was getting him to the pediatrician. Well daddy go up at lunch and took him over to the pediatrician, I honestly thought it was a sinus infection. My co-worker came over and whispered in my ear during court Eli has the flu and your sister said make sure to keep him away from the baby. Great a seven year old with the flu and trying to keep him away fro…