Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weigh In!

So I weighed today for the first time since I left the hospital almost 3 weeks ago and to be honest I was terrified to get on the scales. I left the hospital weighing 147 lbs which was up 10 pounds. I knew alot of that was fluid but I also have not been able to exercise or anything. I have also not been in a pair of jeans that were not made out of that streghty material and at least a size or two bigger than what I have been wearing because anything that actually fits hurts my tummy. I honestly have been wearing work out pant the majorety of the time. Then the kids were home for over a week and then we had Thanksgivin and my momma is the best cook in the world. I really did try not to overeat. When I got on the scales tonight I weighed 138. So I was pleased, now if I could just get over this stupid soreness so I could get back to exercising.
My Dr. released me to go back to work yesterday and I feel like it set me back more than a week as far as the pain, or there is something wrong. I don't know I just know something has to give.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


We have had a sick kid everyday for a week and I want this to go away. I got out of the hospital last friday and that evening had to go back to the pharmacy to pick up some medication. Eli went with us(he had an extremely had time with me being gone but that's another blog) he was standing down the aisle from where Donnie and I were and I looked down at him and I told Donnie he's got fever go feel of him. I was moving really slow it was easier for him to do it. He said he does feel kinda hot, so I grabbed some motrin and a themometer and we headed home. His temp was almost 103 and we are talking about a kid that don't run fever, he has to be nearly dead to have a fever. So this went on all weekend, I took him into the peditrician on Monday and they said it was croup and did a quick strep swap on him. The strep came back negative but with everything he had going on they put him on antibiotics to get him cleared up. They always sent there quick streps out to be cultured, on Thursday the results came back positive. That kiddo was fighting strep which I almost knew just because he go so sick. Well fast foward 12 hours, Jordan isn't feeling well, Jordan isn't sleeping, Jordan has a sore throat. So we get him some antibiotics cause it is obvious that he has strep also and the first dose he keeps telling me my tummy hurts and I feel sick. I just assumed the meds were making him feel that way so we are driving down the road and I tell Donnie pull over and let him go in here and see if he can go to the bathroom and see if that will help. He pucked all over the braums lobby floor and sidewalk. I called the Dr. once again and they said that sometimes strep itself can do that to you. I was terrified to give him the 2nd dose of antibiotics but what do you do. So I kept waiting for the tummy ache and praise God it never came. So I guess it was just the strep itself. Please say a prayer for my kids I need them well so mommy can get some rest and get well herself. I love my babies and I hate them being sick.

Friday, November 16, 2007

My kiddo's are making me hurt myself!

Today we went bargain hunting and I have to say we did find some pretty good deals. I got a really big suit case, really nice too for $5.00. The boys are now using it to entertain themselves. I am lying in my bed and I hear Eli scream Jordan I'm upside down, I'm upside down. Eli had gotten inside the suitcase and Jordan had zipped him in there and had picked it up into position to pull it on the wheels and it toppled him on his head cause he got in it backwards for that. I didn't even have to get up and go look I knew what they had done and I was lying laughing or trying to because the first chuckle and I nearly fell out I couldn't believe that it was so painful. Oh my goodness there must be stitches on the inside or something cause when I laughed oh lets just say I hope they don't do anything funny again for a couple more weeks. No I'm just kidding I like my kids to have a good time.

We also got a new computer for the kids today. Donnie is what we call out computer geek and can fix almost anything that is wrong with one so they had this one on and it was workng it was just really slow. We were like huh we know how to fix that and it's a cheap fix so we went ahead and bought it being it was only $50.00. When he got it home and hooked up it appears that it belong to some kids that downloaded a bunch of junk on it and it has a lot of virus but he know how to clean it up so I was greatful for that find. Sometimes 1 computer or even 2 computers just isn't enough. They don't like it cause I won't let them on my lap top but I bought it for work and it has all my work stuff on it and I am so afraid someone will do something to mess it up, so I opt to not let anyone on it. We do have a desktop but when you have 2 kids wanting on the internet of the kids and the hubby man it gets to be a pain when they get old enough to realize what the internet is. But there school has given them so much access to different websites that teach them while they are having fun how do you say no. So I can't wait to have that going.

I also got my cousin a walker and a exersaucer for her new baby who is due in December for $4.oo a peice. Of course they need to be cleaned up but hey for $8.00 vs. $80.00 they would have cost new I can clean up some toys. I was really glad to come upon this find. I have been collecting baby items for her for the past couple of months and I tell you God has just really blessed up with stuff for Hayden. We seen this need and just decided to do what we could and I asked around to a few ladies I knew that had babies in the last year or two and they were so generous. I lady I know gave us a bassinett, changing table and a trash bag full of newborn to 0-3 clothes for this baby. I offered to pay her for them but she wouldn't take anything for them. She called me a couple of days later and said she was cleaning out her cabinets and came across some brand new bottles that her baby wouldn't take and wanted to know if we wanted them. I was like sure but please let me give you something for all of this. She said if someone hadn't given it to me when I had the boys I wouldn't have it so just pass it on to someone who can use it when your done, and holler at me when you can start exercising again because I really need someone to exercise with. I haven't seen her in quite a while until a few weeks ago and she has lost as much weight as I have but she doesn't have anyone to exercise with so I can't wait until I can get back into that.

We also got the boys some rollerblades for $2.50 a pair. They are so funny! They were so excited, because they had outgrown their old ones but I was actually waiting until christmas to replace them and when I paid for these Eli said mom I promise I will pay you back for these. Like $2.50 is going to break his mommy.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You asked and here they are!
Here are a few pictures taken probably about 6 weeks ago.

Here I am working, I love my new lap top. I got this for my birthday in September.

These were taken after my hysterectomy, man am I pale. I'm thinkin I may need some Vitamins. My tummy is still pretty swollen. uggg

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Peace, Quiet, Stillness and yet why can't I enjoy it.....

It's Sunday morning and I have sent my family off to church is why... I am so suppose to be with them but after the last few day I know that I cannot sit through Sunday School and then morning worship.. My body for one is so sore and stiff it would never make it. I feel like a old lady( no offense to anyone out there but this is for the birds). Secondly I fall asleep at the drop of a hat and I believe that would be quite embarrassing. So I sent my Hubby and boys off this morning without me.
I knew I had a great husband but he has really proved himself over the last few days (not that he had to). I had my hysterectomy on Thursday morning and so not to interrupt the boys schedules to much I got up early that morning and went over and had my mom drive me to the hospital. Donnie stayed home so he could get the boys off to school and he got to the hospital in plenty of time before I went back to surgery. He and mom were the first faces I remember seeing when I woke up, they were standing out in the hallway waiting on me as they pulled me out of the recovery room. The hospital didn't have an private rooms available so they put me in the Pediatric unit in a semi-private room. They did that cause they knew they wouldn't put another adult back there(it's a locked unit and my mom is a nurse at the hospital so they did it as a favor so that noone else would be put in the room with us). But beings we were in a semi-private room it was against the fire code to put a sleeping chair in the room and I couldn't convince my sweet hubby I was ok enough that he could leave. We had a really bad nurse during the day that treated me as someone who was there seeking drugs and never could get her to do anything about all the pain I was in. My poor hubby slept in 2 chairs 1 for his body and 1 for legs. Needless to say he didn't get much rest that night. I don't know how he did it. Then he came home to take the boys to school, got me breakfast and came back up there. He was exhausted.
I don't know how many of you have been through a hysterectomy but man o man this is nothing compared to what I was expecting. I just know it has to get better. They ended up having to take everything out except 1 ovary. They were going to leave both of them but when they got in there 1 of my fallopian tubes was covered with cysts, she tried just removing the cyst but it caused so much bleeding that they just had to remove the entire thing. I didn't expect it to hurt so much being there weren't any external incisions but afterwards I was told there were lots of major muscles cut internally it why it hurts to much. Like with everything I ever have done my bladder went haywire. They came in and took the catheter out on friday morning and 6 hours later I still hadn't went to the bathroom. Big shock to me, I knew that this was going to be an issue, it always is. Of course the evil day nurse was back and I couldn't get her to do anything. So I called my little sister who is a RN and happens to work at clinic branched off of the hospital just to see if she had any ideas. She told me she'd call me right back. She called me back and told me she had called and talked to the nurse at my Dr.'s office and that my Dr. was standing right there the entire conversation. It wasn't but a few minutes that the "day nurse" came down and said this is what Dr. Chambers called and said to do and listed some stuff and then she said and by the way I wasn't ignoring you I was just helping someone admitt a baby. I never said she was ignoring me, she just wasn't doing her job, she didn't care that I was hurting and when I did ask for meds she treated me like I was drug seeking and to top it all off she treated me like it was my fault that I couldn't make my bladder work. So I came home friday without being able to pee(my mom and sis. are both nurses) I had to be straight cathed twice, which hurts like crazy. When I woke up on Saturday morning I thought I was dying, I guess being we didn't sleep any on Thursday night I just slept straight thru on Friday night and on Saturday morning I was hurting so bad. I got up and went straight to the bathroom and was actually able to tinkle a little, hey a little is better than nothing. So I took a pain pill and drink some milk thinking that is wouldn't make me sick. I went to mom's and got into her tub(her's is deep and covers up my tummy really well) that stupid pain pill made me so sick. Lesson learned no matter how bad your hurting don't take the meds without food on board. Then I had to take some phenegran to make my tummy settle down. None of this was pleasent. After all this medicine I pretty much slept all day yesterday. I did wake up feeling a little better today, I am still very sore and very tired. In fact I just took a shower and that took all the energy I had so I think I am going to go take a nap before everyone comes in. Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to uplift us.

Friday, November 02, 2007

So I went to go pre-register for my surgery for next week and they wanted my driver's license. She looks at it and after a few minutes she said "I really had to study this a few times to tell whether or not this was even you, you really need to have this redone." So I took her advice and here is the before and after.

This was taken yesterday, after 52 lbs of weight loss!!!

This was taken in September of last year. What can I say, this was just plain awful. Thank God I decided to get healthier and more fit.