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How fast the time goes! Here is a picture of our sweet little baby! Well not exactly our sweet little baby, he is actually my cousins sweet little baby but we love him lots. He turned 1 on the 15th and he thinks he a big boy. He is so proud of himself when he lets go of things and walks across the room. You should have seen him with this cake. If you look right behind his bottom you can see my arm. He refused to sit in his high chair so I sat him in the middle of the kitchen table with his cake and once the icing got caked on his hands he started waving them around fiercly trying to get the icing off and off it came. That stuff was flying everywhere. It was on the walls, the miniblinds, the people and all over me. I had to stop on my way back to church and buy me another shirt to where that night because I had blue icing on me. But my little monkey is worth it all and I would not have traded those moments for anything in the world. I love you monkey! Lets take the next year a lit…