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Glade Fragrance Collection
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See this Precious Angel? She has stolen My heart! and See this little Monster?
He took it too!I love these babies just like they are mine. I just find it amazing how these 2 little lives have changed mine and they aren't even mine they are my cousins. Thank so much Lindsay and Chris for allowing us to be an active part of Madi and Haydens lives. Oh, guess what I love their mommy and daddy too! I just get so wrapped up in the babies sometimes I forget to remind them. The cutest thing happend on Saturday night! Madi came to spend the night with me so we could get some good snuggling time in. I had her lying on my bed and I was standing down at the end of the bed and my 9 yo son Eli walked right past me onto Madi and he says to her your cold aren't you Madi, yeah I know. He lays her blanky out picks her up and proceeds to swaddle her and then kisses her on the forehead and says there ya go! I was so amazed by this. I mean he is a 9 yo boy to start off with most of them do…