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Where did this come from and please let it go!!!!
Depair, Darkness, Depression, Saddness, Hopelessness, Terrified, Unknown, Unworthy, Pain, Why me, Anger and those are to just name a few. As you can see this is not going to be one of those happy go luck post, in fact I don't even know wy I am doing this here. I have to get this out and I figure here better than some of the other places it could go. I am not doing this for your sympathy, disapproval, approval, opinion, or anything else. If you want to encourage me than that fine but I can't handle much else right now. Last week I knew something was really out of wack I would be literally burning up and freezing at the same time. I could cry at the drop of a hat and I couldn't eat anything, it was 4 days before I had realized I hadn't had anything to eat. So I made the dreaded appointment with the ole Dr. That morning I told one of my co-workers I thought I was going crazy. She just kindof laughed me off and told me to…