Friday, November 16, 2007

My kiddo's are making me hurt myself!

Today we went bargain hunting and I have to say we did find some pretty good deals. I got a really big suit case, really nice too for $5.00. The boys are now using it to entertain themselves. I am lying in my bed and I hear Eli scream Jordan I'm upside down, I'm upside down. Eli had gotten inside the suitcase and Jordan had zipped him in there and had picked it up into position to pull it on the wheels and it toppled him on his head cause he got in it backwards for that. I didn't even have to get up and go look I knew what they had done and I was lying laughing or trying to because the first chuckle and I nearly fell out I couldn't believe that it was so painful. Oh my goodness there must be stitches on the inside or something cause when I laughed oh lets just say I hope they don't do anything funny again for a couple more weeks. No I'm just kidding I like my kids to have a good time.

We also got a new computer for the kids today. Donnie is what we call out computer geek and can fix almost anything that is wrong with one so they had this one on and it was workng it was just really slow. We were like huh we know how to fix that and it's a cheap fix so we went ahead and bought it being it was only $50.00. When he got it home and hooked up it appears that it belong to some kids that downloaded a bunch of junk on it and it has a lot of virus but he know how to clean it up so I was greatful for that find. Sometimes 1 computer or even 2 computers just isn't enough. They don't like it cause I won't let them on my lap top but I bought it for work and it has all my work stuff on it and I am so afraid someone will do something to mess it up, so I opt to not let anyone on it. We do have a desktop but when you have 2 kids wanting on the internet of the kids and the hubby man it gets to be a pain when they get old enough to realize what the internet is. But there school has given them so much access to different websites that teach them while they are having fun how do you say no. So I can't wait to have that going.

I also got my cousin a walker and a exersaucer for her new baby who is due in December for $4.oo a peice. Of course they need to be cleaned up but hey for $8.00 vs. $80.00 they would have cost new I can clean up some toys. I was really glad to come upon this find. I have been collecting baby items for her for the past couple of months and I tell you God has just really blessed up with stuff for Hayden. We seen this need and just decided to do what we could and I asked around to a few ladies I knew that had babies in the last year or two and they were so generous. I lady I know gave us a bassinett, changing table and a trash bag full of newborn to 0-3 clothes for this baby. I offered to pay her for them but she wouldn't take anything for them. She called me a couple of days later and said she was cleaning out her cabinets and came across some brand new bottles that her baby wouldn't take and wanted to know if we wanted them. I was like sure but please let me give you something for all of this. She said if someone hadn't given it to me when I had the boys I wouldn't have it so just pass it on to someone who can use it when your done, and holler at me when you can start exercising again because I really need someone to exercise with. I haven't seen her in quite a while until a few weeks ago and she has lost as much weight as I have but she doesn't have anyone to exercise with so I can't wait until I can get back into that.

We also got the boys some rollerblades for $2.50 a pair. They are so funny! They were so excited, because they had outgrown their old ones but I was actually waiting until christmas to replace them and when I paid for these Eli said mom I promise I will pay you back for these. Like $2.50 is going to break his mommy.