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I just wanted to update everyone on my Aunt Mary. She started her chemotherapy and radiation therapy on this past Thursday. She will be having radiation 5 days a week for 6 weeks and she is taking chemo by mouth daily and also she will be recieving chemo intraveneously every 21 days, I believe. The chemo will also be for 6 weeks. She will then be scheduled for surgery sometime in November.

We got to see her today and she looked sick but better than I expected. The treatment have made her extremely sick and with the mass where it is she is having trouble going to the bathroom which in turn makes her sick. The treatments are also throwing her blood sugar all over the place, she is a diabetic. She is in good spirits though trying to make everyone feel better and letting everyone know that she is okay and would continue to be okay. Her husband Scott is just wonderful. Her son got married today and Scott sat through the entire wedding fanning her. That I tell ya made me want to cry…